Our Products


AI powered Global Trade Analytics Platform

  • Demand Supply Prediction
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Target Markets
  • Market Competitiveness
  • Tariff and Trade Barriers
  • Price Prediction


Blockchain based Document Authentication System

  • Assures documents are tamper proof
  • Available in the distributed ledger
  • Has Open adoptation - for any industry
  • Immutability of blockchain assures security
  • Increases confidence in data
  • Reduces the opportunities for fraud


Immutable Digital Skill Assessments Platform

  • Exhaustive Question Bank
  • Assess Your Skills Anytime From Anywhere
  • Get Digital Certificates
  • Invite Learners to Predefined Assessments
  • Knowledge Based & Skill based Assessments
  • Powerful workflows for Hiring and Training

Our Services

Big Data and Data Analytics

Get to know more about your data, turn your data into a goldmine

AI-powered chatbots

You are looking for a AI-powered chatbot for your business

Competitive Intelligence Data

We can bring competitive intelligence out of your sales or customers or products data

Build and Operate Analytics as a Service

We can build a turnkey Data Analytics platform for you, operate and maintain it for you on your own cloud

Case Studies

Trade Intelligence

Analyze and build trade intelligence on the International Trade Data using TensorFlow models. Intended to handle more than 80 million transaction records annually. Users will use dashboard and workflow for finalizing datasets.

Commercial Intelligence

Implementation of Data Analytics on large data sets to create value-based data sets to Importers, Exporters, Sales & Marketing, Buyers and Logistic Operators. Our solution does the match making based on Neural Network and ML.

Agri Exchange

Data Analytics Platform for agricultural & processed food products exports from India. Data Collection, Collation from multiple data sources. Sends daily insights to users based on their trade preferences

Fish Exchange

Data Presentation Platform for marine products export and import statistics. Centralized System for Data Visualization and Consolidation from multiple data sources. Used by processed food exporters in India and global importers.

Our Benefits

Problem Identification

Identify and resolve business problems

In-depth analytics

AI Solutions provided based on years of experience.

Visual Dashboards

Presentation of data on Analytics Dashboards

Scale as you grow

Tailor made solutions meets your business needs.

Integrate into your CRMs

Interate data analytics layers into your existing CRMs.

Alerts & Notifications

Notifications which are timely, personal and actionable.

Easy API & webhooks

Fast and secured RESTful API calls for Database interaction.

Multilanguage NLP & AI

Get the solution in your own regional language.

Goal-oriented Solutions

Platform encourages the business owners for a finest outcome.

Our Strengths


Identify Problem Area
Evolve Solution Matrix
Build Proof of Concept
Build Full-scale Solution
Rollout Sustainable Solution
Monitor & Improve



Python & R
Deep Neural Networks
Visualization Tools
SQL & No-SQL Databases



International Trade
Supply Chain


Our Team

Founder A Balachandran

Cofounder S Kaleeswaran

Cofounder CSA Nathan

Marketing Lead Rishi Bhaskar

Lead Architect Asad Hasan

Data Analyst Anupam Gupta

Intl Trade Specialist Birender Saluja

Our News

Latest News

Manage Smart Solutions becomes a member of DSCI

By becoming a member of DSCI, we continue our commitment and assurance to data security by following best practices, standards and initiatives in cyber security and privacy.

Manage Smart Solutions becomes a member of NASSCOM

Now, being a member of NASSCOM family has undoubtedly enhanced the company’s professional stature, team spirit, quality of service and has made its clients rely on our superior service even more than before.

Manage Smart Solutions launches its new platform HRMLedger

It is a real eureka moment for all of us at ManageSmart.AI to launch our new proof-of-concept platform HRMLedger.

DocsLedger launches its new proof-of-concept platform EDULedger

Proud to launch our new proof-of-concept platform for Educational Institutions to transform them into 100% digital issuance institutions.

Manage Smart Solutions recognized by India Startup Programme

It is a real proud moment for us that DIPP, Government of India has recognized us under India Startup Programme.

DocsLedger Platform Launched

Manage Smart Solutions has launched its new SaaS platform DocsLedger (www.docsledger.com) and its framework based on blockchain technology.



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