Manage Smart Solutions launches its new platform HRMLedger - powered by DocsLedger

Date: 1st December 2019

Manage Smart Solutions, the technology startup in Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Blockchain, is happy to announce the launch of its new proof-of-concept platform HRMLedger (powered by

About HRMLedger
HRMLedger is a block-chain based general purpose online document repository platform solution which can be used to secure, share and authenticate employment life-cycle records of an employee. It shall allow employers (issuers) to secure all their human resource information starting from hiring, on-boarding to exit of employee - (beneficiary) and allow the employee (beneficiary) to seamlessly share and distribute them to anybody through the platform.

HRMLedger uses the underlying blockchain based framework from its technology core DocsLedger is a Blockchain platform for securing all official/compliance documents & certificates.

Who can use HRMLedger

  • The platform enables the HR team to secure all their sensitive employee data related to recruitments, pay, healthcare policies, tax deduction certificates, promotions, disciplinary records, performance records, expense reimbursement, investment records and the releiving letter in one place till the employee exits the organization.
  • Helps them improve recruitment processes, determine the accuracy of a potential employee’s work and education history. Make better decisions and allow strong performers to rise to the top.
  • Enables them to share employment history, letters of recommendation, educational records, renumeration details and more to the potential employers through the platform. Employment history of an employee gets created and updated in the platform with one or multiple employers.
  • Assures the information shared from the platform are accurate and impervious to unauthorized changes as they are stored directly in the platform from trusted sources such as authorized institutes and employers.
  • Enhances the document verification process of employer or third party agencies by reducing time, effort, resources and definetly the cost. No possibility of candidates adjusting their resumes according to the job requirements in terms of skills, qualification and experience.
  • No more email communication from potential employers or third party agencies on candidates and wait for their former employers to provide feedback about them.

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